María del Pilar Miranda Plata

President of Puerto de Huelva

Puerto de Huelva is a relevant economic actor in Huelva and Andalucía which continues to work towards implementing new projects in terms of infrastructures and extension works in order to expand our service portfolio with the goal of attracting investments, generating wealth and creating jobs – all this in the context of our growing “Puerto exterior”, where we carry out port operations which enable import and export activities.

With a view to improving our competitiveness, consolidating our traditional traffic and diversifying our activities, we are conducting different projects on our port premises with an estimated value of 77 million euros in order to become a frontrunner in multimodal transport in the southwest of Europe.

We have modernised our facilities in the bulk solids terminal located in Ingeniero Juan Gonzalo pier, from which copper is exported to China and where cereal products from different parts of the world – among other products – are imported.

In the same line of work, we have been carrying out different works to enhance the competitiveness of our intermodal platform in Muelle Sur (south pier), where different maritime lines operate on a regular basis towards northern Europe and the Canary Islands. Our goal is to open new regular routes to northern Europe and Africa – this being a great opportunity to foster the exporting activities of the different productive sectors of Huelva, relying on Puerto de Huelva as a starting point.

We are committed to supporting the business community and the different sectors in our area of influence in order to create synergies which generate added value for our economy. It is with this purpose that we are conducting works to expand the northern area of Muelle Sur in an effort to strengthen berthing, loading and unloading operations of several ships simultaneously. We are going to build a double RoRo ramp which allows four ferry-type vessels to operate and we are executing works to improve the access conditions to all these facilities enhancing land transport fluidity. We are also building a multipurpose building which will host services as well as a passenger terminal. This area will also host a sustainable logistic cold hub to store goods at controlled temperatures.

The logistic activities zone (in Spanish “ZAL” or Zona de Actividades Logísticas) is another project of Puerto de Huelva: 60 hectares of land located in the industrial zone of Punta del Sebo where we will implement logistics and sustainable transformation projects. The ZAL project will host companies from different sectors e.g. healthcare logistics, industrial, food industry, general goods distribution… among others, promoting sustainable activities while being located at the heart of the city and generating new jobs.

It is essential to coordinate and join forces among institutions and public administrations in order to stimulate the economy and strengthen our productive fabric by fostering its internationalisation. The Chamber of Commerce of Huelva and Puerto de Huelva are examples of this. In Puerto de Huelva we believe that collaboration among different organisations, social and economic agents is vital in order to give Huelva the position it deserves.

Almost 60% of exports and 85% of goods imports take place by sea, which showcases the important role of ports as main actors in the logistic chain and why our participation in this Catalogue is relevant. The edition of this Catalogue by the Chamber of Commerce of Huelva, along with all other initiatives carried out by the Exporters Club contribute to the international promotion of our companies and improves the chances of entering new markets, which presents new growth and business opportunities – this all contributing to a positive domino effect on the economy of the province.

In this line, I would like to congratulate the Chamber of Commerce of Huelva once more for this initiative.