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María del Pilar Miranda Plata

President of Puerto de Huelva
Puerto de Huelva is a relevant economic actor in Huelva and Andalucía which continues to work towards implementing new projects

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Javier Targhetta

President of Atlantic Copper

The Covid crisis has forced us to face new challenges. Firstly (and naturally) healthcare challenges, while at the same time employment, social, cultural…

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José Luis García-Palacios Álvarez

President of Caja Rural del Sur and its Foundation
Based on the figures provided by Extenda (which cover a period until the month of November 2021) the province of Huelva

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María Eugenia Limón

President of  Provincial Council
First and foremost, as president of Huelva´s Provincial Council (Diputación de Huelva) I would like to congratulate the Exporters Club of the

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