Methodological note

WHAT IS THIS CATALOGUE? Huelva’s Exporters Catalogue compiles relevant information in terms of initiating trade contacts with enterprises from the province of Huelva.

WHICH COMPANIES BELONG TO THE CATALOGUE? In this compilation the user will find companies from our province which perform within the area of activity of the Chamber. These companies can be regular or occasional exporters, as well as companies which (not having exporting experience yet) have the potential to initiate exporting activities and wish to explore their internationalisation opportunities.

HOW IS THE INFORMATION ORGANISED? The information in this Catalogue is organised in an intuitive manner and can be filtered on the basis of the user’s needs by applying different classification filters (activity sector, exporting status, countries of destination, availability of certifications…) which will assist in finding the local supplier which best satisfies the user´s needs.

FORMAT OF THIS CATALOGUE. The Catalogue is designed in a web format, which allows all showcased companies to monitor and update their data, and also gives other interested companies the opportunity to take part in this convenient exporting tool.

LANGUAGES. This edition of Huelva’s Exporters Catalogue is available in both English and Spanish.

ORIGIN OF THE DATA. Data included in this Catalogue originates from the self-registration forms filled in by companies and distributed by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Huelva. The link to this self-registration form remains available under “HOW TO SIGN UP”.

PURPOSE OF THE DATA. Being universally accessible, the Catalogue’s link will be directly and regularly distributed to all Spanish Chambers of Commerce around the world, in addition to Embassies and International Trade Offices, among other institutions and agencies.

SPONSORSHIP. This new edition of Huelva’s Exporters Catalogue has been developed thanks to the support of Autoridad Porturaria de Huelva, Fundación Caja Rural del Sur, Atlantic Copper and Diputación Provincial de Huelva.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. In addition to the data already available in this web Catalogue, users can request the Chamber to provide them with additional information on the listed companies – for example, the specific contact details of the person responsible for export operations or the company CEO – by directing their petition to the Chamber via the email indicated in this web or through the contact form they will find under “Contact”.

HOW TO SIGN UP. Any company from Huelva with economic activity in the area of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Huelva province interested in belonging to the Exporters Catalogue can send their request to the Chamber via the email indicated in this web or through the contact form they will find under “Contact”. Additionally, they can directly access the registration form through the following link.