María Eugenia Limón President of Huelva’s Provincial Council

First and foremost, as president of Huelva´s Provincial Council (Diputación de Huelva) I would like to congratulate the Exporters Club of the Chamber of Commerce of Huelva for the edition of this Catalogue, covering the exporting offer of the province of Huelva.

Through our ‘Huelva Empresa Office’ the Diputación has been implementing different programmes with the goal of fostering and strengthening the business fabric of the province, creating an enabling environment which enhances the entrepreneurial spirit of our companies and facilitates their interactions and visibility.

Since the creation of Huelva Empresa in 2014 we have worked in close and fruitful collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Huelva, financially assisting diverse programmes and projects which aim at creating jobs and improving the economic situation of the province of Huelva. At the same time, hand in hand with the Chamber, we are supporting the productive sectors of our province by endorsing local companies in the international arena and facilitating their internationalisation in order to improve the competitiveness of businesses in Huelva.

This line of work is the framework in which our collaboration with the Exporters Club of Huelva takes place – a Club designed by the Chamber of Commerce to boost the international character of our province through exclusive and customised services for the companies of Huelva.

The internationalisation of the companies in Huelva has been and still is a challenge. Throughout the years we have promoted inverse and direct trade missions, advertised local products abroad and organised different encounters with varied stakeholders like the furniture sector, the shoe industry, the mining sector or the food sector.

In our province there are numerous companies concerned about their potential role with regards to international trade, and supporting them in their internationalisation process has become essential. We must address their export-related needs and face the coming challenges through increasing competitiveness and fostering the digital transformation of our companies. The Exporters Club plays a major role in addressing these challenges.

To conclude, I can only thank and congratulate once more the Chamber of Commerce for its efforts in developing tools to foster the competitiveness and internationalisation of our companies and entrepreneurs, this Catalogue being an example.