Javier Targhetta

President Atlantic Copper

The Covid crisis has forced us to face new challenges. Firstly (and naturally) healthcare challenges, while at the same time employment, social, cultural, economic, financial, political and sustainability challenges which have had an impact on all sectors. Mass vaccination campaigns have helped mitigating the damages the pandemic has caused and as a consequence recovery is now a reality. Banco de España foresees that pre-pandemic GDP levels will be reached by the end of 2022, slightly lagging behind other EU countries which already managed to reach this target by the end of 2021. Nonetheless, it seems that Covid will stick around for a while and this compels us to continue managing the health of citizens, the production processes and the markets in which we operate in a very agile manner.

Despite the considerable impact of the pandemic on global markets, it is an undeniable truth that exports provide with some sort of “economic oxygen”.  Between January and October last year, Andalucía registered sales volumes abroad of almost 28,000 million euros, and a surplus on its trade balance of 1,339 million euros.

These numbers prove that Andalucía has reactivated its exports during the referred period, not only towards its natural market (Europe, where Andalusian exports have increased in 19.7%, reaching 18,904 million euros) but also towards diverse intercontinental destinations: America (with an increase of 27.6%, reaching 2,965 million euros), Asia (with an increase of 24.9%, reaching 2,686 million euros) and Africa (with an increase of 23.1% and reaching 2,169 million euros).

Atlantic Copper has followed the same trend. The management team deployed great adaptability in targeting new clients abroad which allowed compensating for the lower national demand. Approximately half of our copper production aims at international markets, which makes us one of the main exporting companies in Andalucía – this number increases to 70% when referring to sulfuric acid.

Our turnover forecast for 2021 will surpass the amount of 2,500 million euros, from which around 50% (or 1,250 million euros) will be linked to exporting activities to a total of 25 countries. As stated before, this places Atlantic Copper at the forefront of Andalusian foreign trade and makes us a source of development, wealth and internationalisation during such challenging times.

In a recent visit to our premises, Extenda’s managing director Arturo Bernal shed light on the importance of Atlantic Copper’s activities as a supplier of essential metals to achieve the energy transition goals and to face society´s current and incoming challenges. It is vital to praise Extenda for the extraordinary work it is conducting in order to empower Andalusian companies in their internationalisation efforts during such crucial times.

The abovementioned facts are examples of Atlantic Copper´s commitment to international markets and to our province. Being determined sponsors of the Exporters Club created by the Chamber of Commerce of Huelva, we believe this to be platform where we can share our experience and expertise in order to foster international trade (particularly when it comes to SMEs) and to showcase the privileged position and potential both Huelva and Andalucía have with regards to attracting investment and potential clients.