Daniel Toscano Rodríguez
President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Huelva

The Chamber of Commerce is the institution that invests the most in promoting the internationalisation of the companies in our province, while offering logistic support in their exporting activities with customised programmes.

This Catalogue has been edited in order to raise awareness of our province´s exporting potential -publicly acknowledging and disseminating the effort of our SMEs on their quest for new markets in which to share their products and services while promoting the internationalisation spirit in those companies who have not taken that step yet.

It is with great enthusiasm that we take up the edition of this publication – whose online design deviates from the classic paper format of previous editions that our Chamber has been successfully publishing in the past years.

The Chamber of Commerce has always been eager to foster the exporting readiness of our province, becoming the first institution in Huelva offering specialised services to our companies in the field of internationalisation.

In this sense, being pioneers in such a relevant field and due to the high-quality level of our actions and services, we have become a reference at provincial level – not only in the business sector but also for other institutions, the media and professionals, who have all found in us a consistent source of support. The trust we receive from these stakeholders motivates us to continue working in the same direction.

All these facts set the foundation for the creation of the Exporters’ Club (El Club de Exportadores) – a forum born into the core of the Chamber of Commerce of Huelva with the objective of encouraging companies to take part in the exciting challenges of international trade, including those who have not joined this ambitious journey yet. This mission would be unattainable without the support of our fellow sponsors: Autoridad Portuaria de Huelva, Atlantic Copper, Fundación Caja Rural del Sur and Diputación Provincial de Huelva.

This Catalogue is a useful directory that classifies and organises companies from Huelva in sectors, focusing on their key aspects and presenting relevant economic data. It will be strategically distributed to embassies, consulates, international trade offices, Extenda delegations and other international organisations located in different parts of the world.

With the goal of enhancing the visibility of exporters from Huelva we offer this interactive digital Catalogue, which provides the user with direct access to the websites and contact details of all registered companies, stimulating connections between them.

This tool allows the user to gather information in a simple, effortless and quick way. The data contained in it is living proof of the internationalisation efforts of our province, and it remains open to all companies willing to embrace the adventurous challenge of transcending borders.

For all the abovementioned reasons, this Catalogue is an essential source of information to foster trade relations, open the doors to new markets and help companies from Huelva to go around the world.